Carla WennermarkThank you for taking a look at my web site. I showcase videos that are pertinent to employment here. It is an also an opportunity to document the mental and physical experiences of working as an editor, videographer and writer. Everyone in this field of work knows that it can be a fantastic experience. The people you get to meet, the locations you travel to are all unique and interesting in some way. Discovering that is key for creating interesting material for others to watch and learn from.

Drama is for Editors

The highway billboard advertised a familiar name and I remembered that summer when I spent a couple of weeks with the circus.

It was an old style one ring circus and half of the performers were from Europe or Eastern Europe and some families had been performing for generations.

I was able to interview the handsome and mysterious Italian clown. I taped the elephant dancing, and the lovely bareback horse rider between back flips. I got to see all the daily labor that was behind the scenes of each nightly performance.

It was hard getting an interview with the family of tightrope walkers. The circus was in their blood . Though we were all in close quarters many people were very private. I didn’t speak Hungarian, but I knew the 19 year old son spoke English well enough to interview.

I was in the big red tent taping the young tightrope walker practicing. I was debating whether or not to turn off the camera when unexpectedly his pant leg caught on the pedal of his bike. His balance gone, he fell like a pro, no panic just a straight downward fall that enabled him to grab the tightrope as he passed it with his hand, he hung there and then let himself hit the ground feet first. Not before nodding to the clown who somehow was underneath him ready to break his fall. Within minutes everyone at the camp knew what had happened. It was a big deal, a mistake like that during rehearsal.

Tightrope Walker

Tightrope Walker

“Now we have something to talk about”, I thought. Back in the trailer he didn’t elaborate much, after all it was a mistake. “Jeans were not the pants he should be wearing”, his father intimated, “his pants should have been very tight at the ankles”. I kept trying to ask the question that would reveal the personal and potential drama of it all, but I was talking to a tightrope walker who was balanced and calm.

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